Damage Types are an important aspect of Fantasy University's Combat System.

Certain enemies are more susceptible to a certain type of damage, and others will be resistant to that same type of damage. If you're having trouble defeating an enemy, it might be useful to know the types of damage it is susceptible to and choose a weapon accordingly.

Damage Types per ClassEdit

By default, with your abilities, you always deal a certain type of damage, this can be useful against certain enemies, but not all of them.

Extensive overviewEdit

Damage Type Abilities Items/Pets Enemies With Abilities of This Type Resistant Enemies Susceptible Enemies
Abracadamage Mean of Boom! - Mathemagicans

Fairy Godfather

Hocus POWcus


Abstract Metal Sculpture Flat Albert

Mad, Mad Leroy Brown Most Enemies in Trainwreck (Exclusing Monkeytown)


Dire Pudding

Milkshake of Indeterminate Flavor

Dire Pudding
Allergy Spongeblobs

Gun Mic

Picks of Destiny

Enemies in P2F
Calligraphy Letter Monsters Letter Monsters
Chocolate Boston Cream Pierat
Cuddle Tickle-Me Hobo Kruddy Frueger (regardless of temperature)
Fizzy Lifting Fizzy Lifting Bomb Laser Larry Mad Ex-Captain Willy Jack¹
Gloomy Doom

Haunted Dentures




Hot Hot Heat

Against the Odds - Mathemagicans

Solve for BOOM! - Mathemagicans

Spice Ferret

Tiny Cameraman

Tiki to Ride

Singerbread Man

"Fiery" Boiler Room Enemies Sentient Laserfries

Singerbread Man

Dire Pudding Fiendish Wad of Meatcake

Marshmallow Creep

That Yellow Snowman


ICE-ICE Assugar Rifle

"Frigid" Boiler Room Enemies Milkshake of Indeterminate Flavor

That Yellow Snowman

Singerbread Man
Physical Most basic attacks Most Enemies
Rust Rash Cyber Monkey Deathbot
Sparkle Gimme a Beat Down! - Cheermonger (only if 'We're #1' buff is in effect)

Army Guy's Raygun

Frill Sergeant

Stud n' Thud

Milkshake of Indeterminate Flavor

Pleasanton Zombies

Soured Dough


Big Black Mushroom

Squirrel Squirrel on a Stick Dog Breathwing's Minions¹
Steely Sword Made of Smaller Sword

Abstract Metal Sculpture Flat Albert

Mad, Mad Leroy Brown

The mechanical animals of The Mangle and Conduction Junction in Monkey Town.

The mechanical animals of The Mangle and Conduction Junction in Monkey Town. Booms from Boom Lab


Sad Sack

That Yellow Snowman Pixie & Angel Dust Bunnies (regardless of temperature)
Untyped Baron von Poopie-Pie III (Special attack)

¹ Not susceptible as such, but resistant to all other types of damage.


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