Everything in F.U is a joke. Literally, everything. From the items to the characters to even the skills, each and every aspect either pays tribute to something, is a pun in itself or makes fun of something else.

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Characters in and around the F.U. CampusEdit

  1. Admiral Snackbar (Rickety Docks)- Admiral Ackbar, a Star Wars reference. Ackbar, Snackbar. Get it? Now laugh.
  2. Mad Captain Willy Jack the Silly Sod of Scissor Street!, (Rickety Docks, Nostalgya)- He is what appears to be a mash up of all of Johnny Depp's characters, from Edward Scissorhands, to Willy Wonka to The Demon Barber in Sweeny Todd. He somewhat takes the appearance of Captain Jack Sparrow (another one of his characters) from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  3. Professor Jamie "Savage" Adam (Asplode Hall)- It seems to be a portmanteau of two names- Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, from the popular Discovery Channel Series "Mythbusters". (I'd look out for the 'Quest busted' line if I were you...)
  4. Hannah Missourah (Gleeclub- zomg a Glee reference!!!212)- Quite possibly a reference to Hannah Montana. You either deserve to die or forever stay untouched in your blissful ignorance if you have no idea who Hannah Montana is. But please, go ahead and click on the link at your own peril.. don't say I didn't warn you!
  5. DDr. Michichi Kookoo (The Math Lab- a play on the word 'Meth lab')- A parody of real-life physicist, co-founder of string field theory,writer and advocate of science, Dr. Michio Kaku. The 'Ddr.' is a play on the acronym 'DDR', which stands for a popular Japanese arcade dance game called "Dance Dance Revolution".
  6. Prof. Mossel Bobross (Art Department)- A reference to Bob Ross- who was a painter by profession and creator and host of The Joy of Painting.
  7. Jeff Lebruceli (Slacklounge)




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