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When you get to Pasta Orchards, you will need to choose a Faction: The Free Mason Jars, or the Pulp Faction.

The Pulp Faction - Farmer MaynardEdit

First encounterEdit

Maynard's Pick
Farmer maynard
The strange man in front of you screams and pounds his chest as you approach. "You've stepped on a Battlefield, <class>. Those no-good hippie Free Mason Jars think that fruits are to be loved, and respected. BAH!" he exclaims and spits on the ground.
"The name's Maynard," he continues, "an I run the Pulp Faction. We look to use fruit for its rightful purpose: JUICE. That there Jumbo Juicer is my little creation, and if you'd like to help protect her and get your juice on, then sign up. But rest assured those Free Masons won't so much as look at you if you do. There will be no going back."
>>> Join the Pulp Faction



  • Reference to the movie Pulp Fiction

The Free Mason Jars - Farmer MirandaEdit

First encounterEdit

Viva Miranda
You happen upon a sweet looking woman who greets you warmly. "Bienvenidos, mi amigo, to the Pasta Orchard! Me llamo Miranda, and I am the leader of a group called the Free Mason Jars. We are committed to the protection of the fruits here in the Bread Basket bu countering the malicious Pulp Faction."
"If," she continues, "you choose to join us and fight for our cause, be warned: you will not be looked upon well by the Pulp Faction and its leader, Maynard. There will be no going back."
>>> Join the Free Mason Jars



  • Reference to the Freemasons


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