You can decide you want to change Classes - become an Emomancer instead of a Mathemagician; a Cheermonger instead of a Dodgebrawler, etc etc etc,

BUT .......

you lose nearly everything in doing so. You lose all your Fubars, all your stuff in your inventory and your vault, and anything you have bought with your Hero Points. You also lose your in-game name, but you can choose the same one again during registration.

You do NOT lose your unspent Hero Points.

And you can gain three Drop-Out Achievements which you can gain no other way:

Star Student - completed the Tutorial as all five classes!

A Worthy BFF - Solved all the problems of the students on the BFF Commons

Poster Collector - Collected all 5 class posters

Plus one of the Double-Secret Achievements:

Fruity Flip-Flopper - Completed both the Free Mason Jar and the Pulp Faction storylines!

To change classes, head back to the front page, and click on the "Drop-Out" Button on the left.

Note that if you change classes at Level 8, when you will have collected your Class Poster, you will not receive any more Hero Points until you reach Level 9 in a class - NONE for upgrading from one level to another until you reach a level you haven't reached before! So, if you have spent all your Hero Points, not only will you lose what you spent them on, you will not receive any more for a very long time!!!

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