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A Friend In Need
'Unlisted Side Quest'
Given By Random Encounter
Location Pleasanton > Cemetery
Rewards Jeweled Dog Collar trinket, 24 fubars
Baron von poopie pie III gravestone
Name: Can't Take It With You


First, go to Bacon Acres in the Bread Basket. Adventure in the Porkin Patch until you acquire a Porkin Shovel item from defeating a Pigasus enemy. Next, go to Pleasanton and adventure in the Cemetery until the random encounter occurs. Select the option to use your shovel. You will proceed to a level 9 fight with Baron von Poopie-Pie III (952-1066 hp). Defeat him for your reward.

Quest DialogueEdit

You stumble upon a particularly interesting headstone as you wander around the cemetary. No, literally, you didn't see it and tripped on it. Fell flat on your face, it was hilarious.
Anyway, this grave. It looks like someone has been taking very good care of it, almost in an obsessive fashion. The lettering is very big, very flowery, and spells out that this was the final resting place of one "Baron von Poopie-Pie III".
Hunh. Sounds like a pretty rich individual. Might be worth "investigating," if you know what I mean. Do you know what I mean?
  • With Shovel (dialogue continues): My shovel knows what you mean!
  • Without Shovel (dialogue ends): No, not really.
Kibbles and Brains
You dig down into the soft earth, and almost immediately hit something with your shovel. Visions of treasure chests and coffins full of fubars dance through your head as you frantically excavate the grave, finally revealing...
A purse. A purse?!?!
All that effort for a stupid growling purse? What kind of person buries a purse in a pet cemetary? I mean-
Wait, growling purse? This can't end well, can it...
  • No, no it can't. Baron von Poopie III attacks you.

Quest CompleteEdit

No completion dialogue.


Jeweled Dog Collar trinket, 24 fubars, 29 exp


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