Bringin' Home the Bacon
Find Herb McCleavagin, Notorious P.I.G.'s missing employee.
Notorious pig
Given By Notorious P.I.G.
Level 6-7
Location Bacon Acres
Rewards 110 XP; 90 Fubars; access to Herb and Spices
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The Life and Times of Meat Cold-Cut Vengeance


"Hey there, <name>, I've got a favor to ask you. You remember a guy by the name of Herb? You met him at the door when you first arrived. Well anyways, the big oaf has gone missing. Now my money's on him having gotten lost in the Meat Freezer - now I know that sounds silly but you can't even begin to comprehend how dumb this guy is.
"You know, I only keep him around because it was advised by my lawyers. He's a vegetarian, you see. And having a guy who doesn't eat meat work at a meat processing plant... well, that's just good business. So do me a favor and go find him for me, will ya? You don't even have to tell me when you find him"

Locate Herb McCleavagin, Notorious P.I.G.'s missing employee.



During QuestEdit

"Like I said before, he's probably goofing off in the Meat Freezer. The other guys like to give him trouble, too, so be on the lookout for any funny business goin' on."

Finding Herb McCleavaginEdit

Herb mccleavagin ice
Put on Ice
Well, this proves it. We had all our reservations about Herb and his relative level of intellect, but here we are. Case freaking closed. It looks like he decided to take a nap under a leaky part of the roof. Grats on that.
It looks like the only way to get him out is to melt the ice. You'll probably need to find something that actually emits heat. Something silly like a flashlight or bright jewelery isn't gonna cut it here, I'm afraid.
>>> Melt the ice away!
Freeing The Beast-Lover
"Brrrrr! Hey, thanks for saving me, <name>! I gotta tell you, though, what you just did is gonna get you into a lot of trouble with the other workers around here. See, they don't like me very much, because I'm actually a vegetarian. They're the ones who froze me in the first place!"
Right. Of course. It's all so clear to me now!
"Yeah, when they saw you were trying to help me they started attacking you! And now that you helped set me free, they're gonna be even madder!
"Anyway <name>, I still appreciate it. I'm gonna go set up my shop in the lobby of the Chop Shop. I'm not ever comin' back in here, and I recommend you do the same!"
See you later!


Notification header quest complete
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
You found Herb McCleavagin for Notorious P.I.G.!
You gain 110 experience!
You gain 105 fubars!


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