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Bounty Hunter's Bounty
Find Sage Eru's fifth missing child.
Sage Eru
Sage Eru is hoping you can save his daughter, though discerning any clues from him beyond 'bipedal' has proven unproductive.
Given By Sage Eru
Level 12-13
Location Warp Zone
Rewards 230 XP; 230 Fubars
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What's Cookin'? A Chink in the Past


Eru coils himself into his incredibly comfortable looking turtleneck for a moment, almost shaking with anxiety. "I'm not sure what I've seen, Fearfeasa. My fifth child... She- she's in trouble!"
Eru washes his gangly fingers over his eyes in worry. "I saw... desserts. School buses. Bipedal insectoids with whipped topping. Thinly veiled references to legendary science fiction films! It was all just too much! Please, you must save her!"

Find the missing child



During QuestEdit

"If space is considered the final frontier, perhaps you should try looking in a place many students consider to be the first?"
Sage Eru nods knowingly. "Mmm, I'm so clever."

Hollow DeckEdit

Samus aran fights space pierats
Commotion on the Ocean
You hear a commotion from across the decks, so, like the good Neighborhood Watch member you are, you decide to investigate. It doesn't take long for you to spot some sort of mechano-woman doing battle against a legion of Pierats. There's something different about these devious desserts, though...
Well whatever they are, they're kicking some serious pier-ass! Maybe you should help out! After all, you still need your Assisting A Cybernetic Woman With A Nautical Infestation badge for the Scouts.
> Whip those Space Pierats!

They Came From An Oven... IN SPACE
After fending off only one of an infinite wave of these creatures, you turn to find the woman still engaged in sweet, sweet combat. You quickly deduce that the tried and true strategy of 'kicking their ass' isn't going to work this time. You look to the stranger for ideas.
"They're Space Pierats!" the woman shouts. "They came from the planet Confection V. I have been using my ice whip to chill these things out, but my power suit has run out of Coolant! If you can find me some from the creatures of the steam punk tropics, I can recharge my suit and use my cool-whip to defeat them!"
As she resumes battling the tasty hordes before her, she turns to you anxiously.
"You can't kill Space Pierats without cool-whip!"
> Keep exploring
> After that Coolant!
> Toss the bounty hunter your Canister of Coolant!
Her suit re-energized with the power of coolant, the stoic bounty hunter lays waste to the ravenous space vermin encroaching upon her. With a powerful blast of refreshing cream (and fat-free, too!), she vanquishes the last of the Space Pierats.
The woman turns to you, pushing a sequence of keys on her glowing arm cannon. "Mission complete!" she shouts triumphantly. "Returning to base!" With a nod of gratitude she gracefully leaps from the deck of Captain Arrr's aging vessel back to shore. Looks like she's headed back to the Warp Zone!
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar

Return to Sage EruEdit

"Ah, the bounty hunter returns! Only one child remains, <name>, and I have a feeling he's exactly who you've been waiting for. After all, he's the final link in our journey."
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui bottom
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar
> Next


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