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Bola-ing for Fruit
Bola-ing for Fruit.
Farmer maynard
Given By Farmer Maynard
Prerequisites Joining the Pulp Faction
Level 6-7
Location Pasta Orchards
Rewards 145 XP; 125 Fubars
Previous Next
BFC Clearing the Way

This quest line requires you joining the Pulp Faction. You cannot do it if you have joined the Free Mason Jars.


Farmer Maynard

"Alright soldier, with the BFC up and running, the front line of the Masons ha been broken! We're into the grove, and we need you for more of a specialty mission"

Maynard, ever paranoid, glances around before continuing in a hushes voice.

"If we can find their sacred tree and destroy it, we can crush their will to fight and win this war. All we need is information. I need you to go in and capture three of their soldiers and bring them to me so we Use these!" he says, tossing you several odd-looking fruit weapons. "you'll find them hiding amongst their freaky pasta trees."

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Berry bolas You received Berry Bolas
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar


Use the Berry Bolas to capture three Free Mason fruit soldiers for Maynard


Quest CompletionEdit

Your fruit prisoners' eyes widen once they see Maynard.

"Ah, our guests!" he says, putting down the unnecessarily large fruit peeler he was sharpening. "time for some of our fabled Pulp Faction hospitality."

3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Icon L7 U2 V8 You receive some L7 U2 V8!
Icon oodles of noodles You receive 2x Oodle of Noodles!
Berry bolas You lost Berry Bolas (xn)!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar


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