• FMF


    May 13, 2011 by FMF

    Test if it is possible to put several complex pages without reaching the node limit

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  • Dopp

    Introducing Chat

    April 27, 2011 by Dopp

    Hi there, Fantasy University Wikians!

    Today I'm happy to tell you that at the request of one of your admins, we've selected Fantasy University Wiki to be one of the few wikis to receive a new Wikia feature: Chat. We've been working hard on this feature for a while now, and we want to see how it behaves in the wild. To join, find the "join chat" section under the "add a photo" tool on the right rail of any article page. (Hints: it's not on the homepage, and you need to be logged in.)

    Right now, Chat is still in the beta testing stage. There will be bugs and oddities, so we're glad to have your community as part of our team to help find them as we iron them out. We still have a bunch of exciting features in the pipeline.

    I know you awesomely crea…

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  • Theletter

    Home Page Idea

    April 6, 2011 by Theletter

    So, this is a rough image of my idea of what the Home page should look like (see notes for more info). Please feel free to tell me what you think, any remarks, tips, or ideas : all constructive criticism is very welcome.

    This is just an idea, an image that poped into my head, just trying to give the Fantasy University "feel" to the wiki. Maybe we won't want to go in that direction at all.. We'll see what everyone has to say about it.

    It is not done yet, as I have no idea how to make templates (I'm studying that right now), and I want to check with you guys before I do anything too drastic.

    If, however, we go with this idea, I could really use some help preparing this page... Seems like too big of a task for such a small person, lacking the kno…

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  • Garrot Lycan


    January 16, 2011 by Garrot Lycan

    Whatever problems you may have in your dreay, unimportant existance, I have already developed a solution for you! All classes and walks of life can have their status improved by my products. Whether you fear you're not happy, weak, slow, grumpy, cheerful, or even if you'd like to be less of any of those (and more), then this is the place for you!

    I custom design each magical enhancement by listening to you, the customer, and pretending to care about your insecurities! You have my 100% guarantee that you will leave my store happier, smarter, and satisfied with your life, most likely just from talking to me!

    Come inside today and experience the Alchemy!

    Custom Scroll Orders should be sent to either F.U. inbox or by Facebook messaging.

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  • Garrot Lycan

    Glass of Milk + Ordinary Chocolate Bar = Delicious Snack!

    Lonesome Banana + Banana Phone + Huge Melons = Titalating Fruity Phone Sex!

    Rotting Hoof + (DECONSTRUCTION!) = Rotting Glue

    -Taken from a Journal Entry

    March 3rd, 2011 SF, percipitation and falling barometric pressure

    19:35 PST

    With hiden forbrooding I seized to act upon the horrible notion that struck me; I set my focusai to the physical tasks at hand, continually denying the whispers of madness my actions implied. One look into that abyss and i knew I would not be able to return.. I had things to do. Each individual ingredient in my inventory must be revaluated.

    Instant Gelatin Powder + Overpriced Bottle of Water = Gelatin Instantly

    Instant Gelatin Powder + DOTHMBW = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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