Beebee mccheese

Beer, Bait, and Swords


"In this case 'swords' means 'anything I can bash my enemy with.' But the Beer and Bait parts are pretty accurate. A sign behind the counter says 'Elanthia minimum drinking age is 121. We I.D. anyone who looks younger than 151.'"


Townshire > Lower Townshire > Beer, Bait, and Swords


  • Grate Mace (level 4)
  • The Tenderizer (level 4)
  • Gratesword (level 6)
  • Straight Edge Razor (level 6)
  • Bedazzeler (level 8)
  • Stung (level 8)
  • Big Dipper (level 10)
  • Garden Ferret (level 10)
  • High-Sticking (level 10)
  • Pinjatoe (level 10)
  • Murder Badger (level 12)


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