Bank of Lockers

Bank of Lockers

As you tiptoe through the dank, abandoned halls of the school, you happen upon a seemingly endless row of lockers, sectioned off by grade level.

Could they contain treasures? Or unspeakable horrors?

Or speakable horrors?!

Location: Pleasanton > Pleasanton High School

Freshman LockersEdit

Pleasanton freshman locker

Freshman Lockers

This locker seems very simple, if a little worse for wear. No locker or visible deterrants. Only a Freshman would be so foolish

Or is it... a trap?



Lvl HP Special Abilities Drops



7 525 Zombie Wallet


  • Cheap Candy
  • Coping with Zombie-ism Pamphlet
  • Parsnip Juice
  • Zombie Wallet

Sophomore LockersEdit

Requires Skeletal Key

Pleasanton sophomore locker

Sophomore Lockers

This locker has a large, sturdy looking padlock on the door, clearly a sign of lessons learned. The owner is surely a more seasoned veteran of these hallowed halls, a Sophomore, perhaps?

You'll clearly need a key to gain access, but what horrors or treasures could await behind this door?


Name Lvl HP Special Abilities Drops
Locker Durability Buff N/A N/A 10% increase to Durability - 6 Adventures N/A
Locker Durability Debuff N/A N/A 10% decrease to Durability - 6 Adventures N/A
Green Mist N/A N/A Susceptible to Taint damage - 8 Adventures N/A
Zombie Hunter (varies) (varies) Only attacks if you're a zombie (varies)


  • Oodle of Noodles (x5)
  • Sparkler

Junior LockersEdit

Pleasanton junior locker

Junior Lockers

Requires Junior Locker Combination, which can be made by crafting two Junior Combination Pieces. After opening the locker you must buy 2 new combination pieces from other players.

This locker's defenses are considerable, not the least of which being the seemingly indestructible combination lock. The cherry on top, the unholy duct tape, is a level of nefariousness that only a third-year could conjure. You're not getting anywhere with this locker unless you have a combination. The rewards could surely be great...assuming the risk isn't greater.


Name Lvl HP Special Abilities Drops


  • Tainted Ward
  • Hall Pass
  • Detention Slip (x5)
  • Bedazzled Bombs (x3)
  • Parsnip Juice (x2)
  • Oodles of Noodles (x3)
  • L7 U2 V8 (x3)

Senior LockersEdit

Requires being a zombie, Senior Combination, which is obtained by crafting four Senior Combination Pieces together, as well as a Skeletal Key.

Pleasanton senior locker

Senior Lockers

You come upon a veritable fortress of a locker, its barbed wire serving more as a warning than as an actual deterrent. The real obstacles here are the two locks. One could be bypassed with a simple key, but the other requires a combination of some complexity. This is clearly a Senior's doing, a grizzled veteran of these halls who's just trying to make it through their final days.

The treasures it could contain are are the dangers


Name Lvl HP Special Abilities Drops
Locked Pest Monster 9 1095 Locked Pest Monster Head


  • The Zombie Hunter - Lv8 Armor
  • Boomstick - Level 8 weapon
  • Locked Pest Monster's Head - Level 1 Pet


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