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Abilities are your attacks or your buffs. They are only effective in battle. They may require Ability Power (or AP) to use. They may be viewed in the "My Stuff" screen under the "Abilities". One can gain class-specific abilites by levelling, or temporary abilites by equipping an item, or fighting a specific monster.

Also usable are BFF skills. If a BFF is alive during a battle, a player may call upon them to preform a class-specific attack (provided they haven't already done so in the last ten battles).

Class-Specific SkillsEdit


Name Description Level Cost

Damage Type

Squad Flog Your basic Cheermonger attack uses awesome acrobatic moves to give your equipment some oomph! 1 0 Physical Charm - Beefosity = Base Damage
Gimme a Beat! Down! A powerful, physical attack; its damage can be increased with advanced cheers. 1 3


Charm + Loathing - Beefosity = Base Damage
Hip Hip Heal! Your Squad Flog ability will now heal you in addition to dealing damage for 6 adventures. 3 10
We Got Spirit! Increases your Charm by 20% for 15 adventures. 5 8 + Charm/5 Damage
In it to Win it! When some meanie stuns or disarms you, give yourself an encouraging cheer to remove the effect and heal yourself too! 6 10
B! E! Aggressive! Your equipment damage increases slightly for 7 adventures. 7 13 + 10% equipment Damage
Fight Pet, Fight! Damage dealt by your pet is increased drastically for 9 adventures. 10 22 + 75% Pet Damage
We're #1! Drastically increase the damage you deal with Gimme a Beat! Down!, and changes the physical damage to be sparkle damage for 11 adventures. 12 32

+ (Charm+Loathing)/2 Damage

Changes Damage to Sparkle


Name Description Level Cost Damage Type Calculation
Breaking Brawl

Your basic attack as a dodgebrawler uses good old fashioned
muscle power to strike with your equipment.

1 0 Physical Be - Sm
Fastbrawl A speedy strike using your equipment to inflict damage. 1 4 Physical Be + Ch - Sm

When your damage is weakened by an enemy, hulk out to
remove the effect and increase your damage in the process!

3 10 - -
Brawl of Steel A strong melee attack augmented by your equipment 4 5 Physical Be + Ch
The Fifth 'D' A passive bonus that improves your chance to escape combat. 7 - - -
Murderbrawl A vicious melee assault augmented by your equipment. 9 6 Physical

2Be + Ch - Sm

Dodgebarrage Reduces the damage you take for 10 adventures. 11 7 - -10% Damage
Wrecking Brawl A disastrous attack that inflicts major pain. 14 8 Physical

2Be + 2Ch - Sm


Name Description Level Cost Damage Type Calculation
Pretty Hatemancy Emomancer channel the hate of their magical attacks through equipments, to give them just a little more 'edge'. 1 0 Gloomy Doom Loathing - Zip = Base Damage
Last Caress A dark hymn that wracks the target with even darker energies. 1 3 Gloomy Doom Loathing + Smarts - Zip = Base Damage

Feel My Pain

Give foes a taste of their own medicine by dispelling their Damage over Time effect and retaliating with one of your own. 3 10 - -

Summon Ghoulfiend in a Boa

Summons a Ghoulfiend creature under your control. Its taint deals damage each round of combat. You may have only one summoned creature at a time. 4 4 Gloomy Doom -

Go Home and Cry

Reduces the damage your opponent deals. No combat occurs the round this is cast. 6 3 - -

Nobody Gets Me

Prevents your opponent from dealing damage this round and next. This may only be used once per combat encounter. 9 2 - -
Angst Will Tear You Apart An offensive conjuring spell that deals more damage the more Loathing you have. 13 5 Taint Loathing *2 +Smarts *2 - Zip = Base Damage


Name Description Level Cost Damage Type Calculation
1+1 = BOOM! Mathemagician channel their spells through physical objects, because it helps when calculating the optimal angle of attack 1 0 Physical Smarts - Loathing = Base Damage
Mean of BOOM! A tiny explosion-based attack. Did someone sneeze? 1 3 Abracadamage Smarts + Zip - Loathing = Base Damage
Sleight Recalculation Dispel a magical or elemental effect cast on you by an enemy, restoring some of your mana at the same time! 3 10 - Max Mana / 2 = Mana Restored
Against the Odds A moderately strong explosive attack that sometimes wraps opponents in a restrictive magic field, which reduces the damage they deal 4 6 Hot hot heat Smart + Zip - Loathing / 2 = Base Damage
HeisenBOOM's Uncertainty Unleashes a blast of a random element! 6 8 Random Smarts * 1.5 + Zip - Loathing = Base Damage
BOOM! Squared A superior explosive-based blast of concussive power. 8 10 Physical (Smarts x 3) - Loathing = Base Damage
Protective Hypersphere This creates something like a tesseract, but without edges, so good luck describing that. Anyway, it gets in the way of your opponent's attacks, reducing damage dealt to you! 10 5 - -
Solve for BOOM! A vastly explosive explosion, unlike any explosion before it. 13 13 Hot hot heat Smarts * 4 + Zip * 2 - Loathing = Base Damage


Name Description Level Cost

Damage Type


Slack Attack

Slackninja tap only the smallest amount of their stored Zen to deliver basic attacks with lightning speed.

1 0 Physical Zip - Charm = Base Damage
Roundhouse Slack

You expend Zen to increase the weight of your equipment, using its increased momentum to deliver a wholly damaging kick!

1 4 Physical Zip + Beef - Charm = Base Damage
Zen Escape While paralyzed, you can use Zen Escape to get back into the action, then immediately counter by reducing you opponent's damage! 1 10
Way of the Fugu Use your zip to infuse your equipments with poison, increasing your damage for 15 adventures. 4 2 +Zip/2 Damage
Chill, Dude A passive ability that reduces all incoming damages you take. It won't show up as a clickable ability, but automatically takes effect and can be seen in the tooltip over the defense icon. 6 n/a Unknown
Mighty Fist of Slack You feint with your equipment, allowing for a series of quick unarmed punches. 8 6 Physical 2*Zip + Beef - Charm = Base Damage
Slack the Leg A sneaky attack that's normally only usable during the first round of combat, if you win initiative. You can also use this ability immediately after hiding in a Smoke Stick effect. 11 5 Physical

(2.5*Zip) + (2*Beef) - Charm = Base Damage

+150% equipment damage

State of Abiding A passive ability that increases your chance to win initiative and score critical strikes. 13 n/a Unknown

Temporary SkillsEdit

Item-Specific SkillsEdit

Name Description Obtained From Cost Damage Type Calculation
Tame! Use your Whip N' Chair to tame certain enemy creatures! Whip N' Chair 0 N/A ?
Beard Snack! A special ability that heals you! This can only be activated once you have accumulated enough crumbs in your beard by consuming edible items. The Bearded Student 0 N/A ?

Monster-Specific SkillsEdit

Name Description Monster Cost Damage Type Calculation
Dive In! Dive into the Harubrik's Cube Greater Gelatinous Harubrik's Cube 0 N/A ?

BFF SkillsEdit

Class Icon Name Description Cost

Damage Type

Cheermonger Cheer

Cheer of the Besties

A peppy cheer that heals the player and awards additional experience for winning combat!

Dodgebrawler Dodgebrawler Meat Shield A defensive maneuver that reduces the damage you take! 0
Emomancer Emo Emotional Drain A siphoning move that saps enemy health and converts it to Energy for you! 0
Mathemagician Boom BFF= Boom For Friends A powerful blast of damage, plus a damage buff for you! 0
Slackninja Slackninja Slackpocket Guarantees at least one piece of loot—you know, if your friend gets around to it. 0


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