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Journal quest stamp fu

This is a FU quest

A Dorm Called Home
Visit Your Room, then kill the Bedbugs that are infesting one of your floormate's rooms.
Amma banana terraneo
In spite of the cats, there's a rumor on campus that Amma is the sanest person at F.U.
Given By Amma Terraneo
Prerequisites "Seek the Secretary!" completed
Level 3
Location The Office
Rewards 70 XP, 45-60 Fubars, upgraded base weapon
Previous Next
Seek the Secretary! A Friend In Need

Briefing - Amma TerraneoEdit

"Every student needs a place to call their own! You'll find yours at the Mordorms on the main F.U. Campus.
"Now, unfortunately, there's been a rash of elevator button thefts of late, so I keep the ones we have left here at my desk! This one's for you," she says, tossing you a button with the number '14' on it. "Just place the button on the elevator panel and off you go!"
She smiles brightly. "Oh! And by the way, I just received a memo that one of your new floormates is having some sort of infestation problem. Why don't you investigate the matter and see about taking care of the little buggers for him? I'm sure the gesture would surely make a good impression, and making new friends is always nice!"
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Icon elevator button 14 You receive a Hellevator Button 14!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar

Visit your Dorm Room and squash Bedbugs!

Got it!



During QuestEdit

Amma smiles at you and says, "Now remember sweetie, I'd like you to take care of those bugs and find your own room! Can't have you running around Elanthia without a place to lay your head!"

The HellevatorEdit

You attach a new button to the Hellevator panel!

You can now access floor 14.

Enter Your RoomEdit

you receive a tooltip
Homey, isn't it? They went for that "dungeon bowel" look
Using your bed recovers some of your health and energy, at the cost of 1 Adventure.
(PROTIP: If you're looking for Bedbugs, they're across the hall, in Ron Wheeezy's Room! Use the Green Arrow to get there!)
Leave your room by clicking on the green arrow on the upper right corner.
Nav arrow navmap

I Said Don't Let Them BiteEdit

Ron wheezy door
As you walk out of your Dorm Room, you hear a strained voice coming from across the hall.
"HEY!" the voice exclaims. "You must be <name>, the new kid. I'm Ron. Ron Wheeezy. Pleasure."
He's surprisingly calm for someone being mauled by...things.
"I've uh, got a bit of a bedbug situation over here, you see. Mind lending a hand?"

Into the fray!

Defeat 5 Bedbugs from Ron Wheeezy's dorm bed and return to Amma.

Returning to Amma TerraneoEdit

"Congratulation!" Amma chirps. "I can tell from your triumphant smile that you found your room and took care of some Bedbugs! Good job!"
Amma digs around in her desk for a moment. "Because you did SUCH a super job, I'm going to do something extra special for you! I'm going to give you an upgraded weapon! Any time you want to Upgrade a Weapon or Outfit, just go into your My Stuff and click the Upgrade button next to the item!"
3 Slice loot gui top
3 Slice loot gui middle
3 Slice loot gui bottom
Shop ui weapons icon You find an Upgraded <base weapon>!
3 Slice loot gui xp fubar

You get a tooltip:

What's this?! Amma gave you a new, higher-level weapon! Higher level = more smashiness! To equip it, go into your inventory by clicking the backpack at the top of the page!


Video WalkthroughEdit



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